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Hey y’all, Marvie here. Carolyn has been pestering me for days and days and days to get my first review up. Or a post at all. Just make some words she says. So here you go folks, I have produced words! Enjoy. Feel free to discuss and comment! We love to hear from the people behind the pets!

Goodness how I have struggled with this. Do I compare harnesses and training tools? It was a thought. The problem I ran into, though, is that the devices I would compare aren’t quite the same sort of product. True, they are all meant to make walking a bit more pleasant, but, there the similarity ends. The Gentle Leader is a head halter type device and dogs generally detest it. So do I, really. I don’t trust it, it can be swiped off too easily by the dog wearing it, and I just don’t like it. Oh… and people encountering your dog wearing it assume it’s a muzzle, that’s always fun. Prong collars are scary to outsiders who just think they are mean, they are also difficult to get on and off. Choke chains aren’t really effective either and also have a less than stellar reputation. The only thing I really trust is a harness but most harnesses actually INDUCE pulling. Weird, huh? But then I learned about a new type of harness. So let me share it with you!

Does your dog pull? Do you sometimes feel as if you’ve had an upper body workout after walking with your furry friend? Is he high energy, curious, and can probably make you a little crazy if he hasn’t had his walk… or is that just my dog? You, on the other hand, think of the daily excursion with a sense of dread. Especially if you’ve had a long day. But in the meantime, Fido needs his daily walk. Well, I may have the answer to your dilemma. It was the answer to mine! I made the teenage son start walking them 😉 Oh, wait, no, I hired a pet sitter, oh, no that wasn’t it either… it was the other thing I was supposed to be talking about. The miracle!

Miracle? You ask.

Oh yessss. Miracle I say.

Easy Walk Harness. Red.


The dog walker’s best friend. The Easy Walk harness. I love it soooo much! Take a peek at this video (Both harnesses are made by the same company, Premier Pet.) and see for yourself. I was skeptical at first too, what tool is that miraculous? So I bought one at one of the local big box pet stores, after inquiring about their return policy. Just in case. Took it home, put it on the worst offender in the house and out the door we went. Oh how I wish I had someone taking video in those moments! When Kaylee hit the end of the leash and thought she was going to drag me down the driveway…. well, she got a confusing awakening! The harness worked its magic, which is labeled as magic because I don’t fully understand how it all works. Three wee straps. That’s really all there is to the thing. Magic I tell you. Anyway, it somehow pulls the front legs together just a bit. Hold your arms out in front of you (zombie-style, palms down) and now cross ’em. That’s sort of what the EW does when the dog attempts to pull. When it happens with Kaylee, you can clearly see what the harness has done. Her legs cross almost comically. But it worked and she had no problem with me taking it off and putting it right back on. So I began to get excited. We took our walk and it was awesome.The most relaxing walk we’d ever had!

So the next day, I borrowed her new harness and took it to work with me. I tried it on Sam, a sweet old Lab. Sam is VERY HAPPY. About EVERYTHING. He’s sweet and he’s older (about 11 now but don’t tell him because he acts 5) but he is still quite active and energetic. He has some pull left in him, that’s for sure! We’d been working with Sam for months, with little to no improvement. Praise just made him more excited, inducing more pulling, none of the training tricks I have used successfully in the past had really had much effect on old (Very) Happy Sam. So, on went the Easy Walk harness. Sam was happy and excited as always, and so out the door we went. As we neared his favorite peeing spot (his daddy’s bushes) he tried to drag me over there, only he discovered that he could not! So he slowed down and waited for me. The whole walk was like that, he’d try to get ahead, then change his mind and slow down when the Easy Walk worked it’s magic. It was the first time in a while we hadn’t had to stop every few feet or that I hadn’t spent 25 minutes saying “Sam, settle” or “Sam, chill out man, we’ll get there!” It was awesome, and I was in love.

Sam - Even Happier in His Easy Walk

Sam - Even Happier in His Easy Walk

We're sure this is how the Easy Walk is made


I used it on a couple of other pullers we have regularly and when the results were the same, I started convincing my clients to give it a try, mostly by leaving Kaylee’s harness overnight when it was the right size for their dog. Every single one of them who has tried it has purchased it. I now own two of them in the large size for my Great Danes. To be honest, my dogs aren’t bad pullers, they really aren’t. What they are though is BIG. They are taller than me, Boomer outweighs me by a good 20 pounds, though I still have ten pounds on Isis, I think. They are good babies, but I’ll be honest, I’m tired and don’t want to have to work too hard when I walk them. Also, it makes me look better as a dog walker if my own dogs walk politely, and one must always keep that in mind right? 😉

If you are in the market for a tool to assist you in your training, this is the one I suggest. Keep in mind though, it is only a tool. If you walk your dog for a while with the Easy Walk and if you don’t include training in the process, and you will still have a naughty puppy on walks if you try using his regular collar. So my suggestion is to read up first, watch the videos on the Youtube and have a training plan ready before you even put the Easy Walk on your dog. Most good trainers will tell you that training is really all about timing. You have to time your corrections and rewards perfectly to get the results you want. The Easy Walk handles the correction part for you so you have to be ready with the praise or reward from the very first moment you put it on your dog. (Note to doggies: this means treats!) You don’t want to miss the prime moment to start teaching your dog!

Important disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with Gentle Leader,, Premier Pet or any other pet supply maker/manufacturer/store. They are not sending us free harnesses, so please do not knock on our doors looking for one. You may take the above words as they are written – we are very pleased customers only.


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